Directions and Care

For best results, use firm even strokes with all three pads

File and Shape Nails
Decide on the desired length and shape of the nails. The Crystal File has thousands of tiny razor sharp cutting edges that professionally cut and shape the nail smoothly and evenly. Unlike conventional files, the Crystal File can be used in both directions. Emery boards and diamond or steel files leave tiny tears in the tip of the nails allowing moisture and detergents to penetrate, causing splitting, chipping, and peeling. Use either end of the file to gently push back the cuticle at the base of the nail. The Crystal file is unconditionally guaranteed to remain sharp for a lifetime 

Manicure Set:
Step #1:  Black Pad--Clean
The black #1 pad removes ridges, blemishes and stains. Buff the entire surface of the nail once and thereafter buff the new growth at the base of the nail. Do not use more than once every four weeks.

Step #2; White Pad--Condition
The white #2 pad brings the natural oils of the nail to the surface, producing a pink and healthy nail, with a smooth satin texture. It also massages the nail, stimulates blood circulation beneath the nail, which enhances growth. Use This Pad Every Two Weeks!

Step #3: Gray Pad--Shine
This pad brings the nail to a beautiful glossy shine.  The result a perfectly manicured nail, with the nail surface sealed against moisture and dirt. The faster the buffing, the harder the shine and the longer it will last. When the shine begins the dull, just use this pad again. The shine should last 7 to 10 days. Use As Often as Desired!

Cleaning the File
To keep the cutting surface nail-dust free and sharp, wash with a toothbrush using mild soapy water or alcohol.

Cleaning the Pads
Spray with alcohol and rub lightly with a cosmetic sponge. Let air-dry.

Life Time Replacement Guarantee
Our file has a life time guarantee for sharpness. If for any reason your nail file fails to perform to your satisfaction simply return to Naturally Yours, Inc with $6.00 shipping and handling for replacement.

Our buffing pads have a life expectancy of 5 to 6 years depending on the number of users. When your pads wear out return them with a $6.00 shipping and handling fee for prompt replacement.

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Naturally Yours Nail Care  offers formaldehyde free nail polish and an easy mess free pen style cuticle treatment. Regular use of our manicure and pedicure system helps gives you strong healthy nails.